Кот (canto_et_spero) wrote,

Happy birthday, Annie Lennox

(In Britain the 25th has not ended yet, so I still have some time).
Kind, intelligent, strong, tender, vulnerable, capricious, ever-changing - and immensely talented, of course.
An artist whose songs made me feel alive again. Agaaain and agaaain :)
"I had two years where I did not do anything. And in that time I really was questioning if I should even think about making a record. And I found that after all I am a musician, after all I am a singer... It's caught up with my identity, my sense of self. When all of that goes away and it's not happening, I'm...oooh, what am I supposed to be doing again? Maybe I could be an archeologist...and at the end of the day it all comes back again: you are supposed to write songs, that's what you're meant to do, you know".

After a good laugh and thinking who this thing reminds me of, everything fell into place. Where it's meant to be, you know)

Anyway, here's one of my favourite songs.

PS: Года этак полтора я почти что на полном серьёзе думал, не наплевать ли на всё и не пойти ли выучиться на ветеринара, а потом (в том числе благодаря Энни) вспомнил, почему решил не учиться медицине (особенно ветеринарии) ещё в нежные семнадцать - потому что начать убивать людей в первый же год работы совершенно не хочется.
Tags: music, поздравлятельное, свет

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